Welcome to ICPCS

About our vision.

We are creating a brand new ecosystem on the ICP, powered by NFTs.

  • A collection of 7,777 unique NFTs on the Internet Computer.
  • Holders will be granted governance over the project.
  • Access to ICOS - your very own portal into the ICP ecosystem.
  • Access to ICDM - liquidity mining and collection management for ICPCS NFTs.
  • DeFi integration with ICPCS' own native token
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The ICPCS Ecosystem.

One project. Many products.


ICOS - your very own browser-based portal into the ICP ecosystem. ICPCS NFT holders will have exclusive access to the world's first decentralised OS, hosted on the ICP blockchain. ICOS will serve as a gateway to the entire ICP ecosystem, from NFTs to DeFi and GameFi - all accessible through one familiar interface.

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ICDM (Decentralised Mining) is a dApp combining collection management and liquidity mining features granted to ICPCS NFT holders. Each ICPCS NFT sale on the secondary market will have a 7% tax - 5% will go to the ICDM treasury to power the ecosystem, 1% will be used for platform maintenance, and 1% will go towards charity + offsetting our carbon footprint. Manage your collections, claim staking rewards, send NFTs between wallets, and more.

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ICPCS Tokens will be airdropped based on a snapshot of Gen 1 ICPCS NFT holders. The more Gen 1 NFTs you hold in your wallet, the bigger your airdrop allocation is going to be. The token will upgrade our ICDM system to support staking and many more features.

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    As a reward for ICPCS Gen 1 NFT buyers, our token will be airdropped based on a snapshot of holder wallets.

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    Stake your tokens and earn rewards.

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    Yield Farming

    Effortlessly earn yield on every trade made using our token.

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    Early Access

    Be the first to test new features in the ICPCS ecoystem.

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    Discounted Purchases

    Buy floor price ICPCS NFTs at a discounted rate.

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    Tokens will be burned on every purchase made with them.

The Team



ICPCS | Ivan#4613



Andrei | ICPCS#1425


3D Artist

Vlad | ICPCS#5356



Jan | ICPCS#5454


Front-end Dev

Boris | ICPCS#2630


Back-end Dev

Velius | ICPCS#6903

Our Partners And Collaborators


Our goals for the second half of 2022. The items below are subject to change during development.

  • Product and Feature Development

    Q3 2022

    • Item 1
      Onboarding of a new team member in charge of community management and coordination tasks.
    • Item 2
      Relaunch of Discord-only events and giveaways; reintroduction of the XP system.
    • Item 3
      Discord Server holder verification and channel streamlining.
    • Item 4
      Release of the ICDM collection management and staking UI; distribution of accumulated rewards.
    • Item 5
      Start of the ICPCS web3 social media campaign (DSCVR, Distrikt).
    • Item 6
      Integration of Internet Identity authentication and on-chain file storage for ICOS; NFT gated features.
    • Item 7
      Development and private testing of the Web3 Browser app for ICOS.
    • Item 8
      Publish a Medium article - Introduction to ICOS.
    • Item 9
      2nd ICOS prelaunch private beta release.
    • Item 10
      Expansion of our developer documentation with contribution guidelines and submodule standards.
    • Item 11
      Code review and open source release of the ICOS front-end.
    • Item 12
      ICOS 1.0 - Wide Release.
  • Tokenization and Feature Expansion

    Q4 2022

    • Item 1
      Release of the ICOS app store with DAB support.
    • Item 2
      Release of the ICPCS token whitepaper.
    • Item 3
      Launch of the ICPCS SNS service.
    • Item 4
      Improved single sign-on support for ICOS apps.
    • Item 5
      Integration of the ICPCS token with existing products (ICOS, ICDM).
    • Item 6
      ICPCS token airdrop and initial listing.